Vidyavanam Ashram- An Inter-Faith Christian Ashram

Vidyavanam Ashram- An Inter-Faith Christian Ashram

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Besides, Ashram ofers retreats which focus on the dynamics and skills for an ‘inward- journey’ towards the “Reign of God within”. Moreover, special sessions for small groupson specifc needs will be organized on request as delineated below.

Vidyavanam Ashram as an Inter-Faith Centre of sat-sang (fellowship of seekers) is an inclusive and open space of diverse pursuits and practices. It is a ‘Spiritual-Service-Centre’ of self-inquiry for reinventing oneself so that one becomes an ardent agent of religious, social and cultural transformation to build up a world of peace and harmony rooted in justice, love and joy after the Indian ideal of the Reign of God: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (world is one family) Primarily, the Ashram provides the seekers with a salubrious space on a hillock dense with ashram aesthetics and poetics, which evoke the ‘wisdom of woods’ – the ever silent but exuberant presence of the Divine, the very inherent rhyme and rhythm of the whole of creation. “Let wisdom emerge from the woods”!

Director, Vidyavanam Ashram, Bangalore

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