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Vidyavanam Ashram- An Inter-Faith Christian Ashram

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Besides, Ashram ofers retreats which focus on the dynamics and skills for an ‘inward- journey’ towards the “Reign of God within”. Moreover, special sessions for small groupson specifc needs will be organized on request as delineated below.

Vidyavanam Ashram as an Inter-Faith Centre of sat-sang (fellowship of seekers) is an inclusive and open space of diverse pursuits and practices. It is a ‘Spiritual-Service-Centre’ of self-inquiry for reinventing oneself so that one becomes an ardent agent of religious, social and cultural transformation to build up a world of peace and harmony rooted in justice, love and joy after the Indian ideal of the Reign of God: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (world is one family) Primarily, the Ashram provides the seekers with a salubrious space on a hillock dense with ashram aesthetics and poetics, which evoke the ‘wisdom of woods’ – the ever silent but exuberant presence of the Divine, the very inherent rhyme and rhythm of the whole of creation. “Let wisdom emerge from the woods”!

Director, Vidyavanam Ashram, Bangalore


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Vidyavanam – An Appreciation by Kevin Flynn, to read click below:

Welcome to Vidyvanam

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Welcome to Vidyavanam Ashram.

Vidyavanam ( An Indian Christian Ashram) is blessed on January 03, 1997 on the Feast day of St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara. It is one of the Institutions of the CMI( Carmelites of Mary Immaculate) Congregation, belonging to Preshitha Province Coimbatore.

Vidyavanam as a Catholic monastery in southern India that strives to combine Indian religiosity with Christian spirituality has been attracting God-seekers from around the world for the past 20 years.

Vidyavanam opens its gates for people of all religions and allow anyone to stay with in, if they are true seekers of God,”

Christians and people of other faiths discover at this ashram “a way of truth and orientation of life” through prayer and meditation, Retreat and Yoga. Aim of this Ashram is, Making Christianity “truly Indian and help to experience the true depth of Indian spirituality in Christianity ”

Built nearby  the National Park in Bangalore on a small  hill Area,  the ashram comprises a beautiful Chapel, Meditation and Yoga rooms, and a library stocked with books on the Bible, monastic spirituality, theology and comparative religion. It also has some huts scattered on the rocky hill for the God Seekers to stay.